First keynote announced: Dr. Christophe Dessimoz

We are delighted to announce Dr. Christophe Dessimoz as a keynote speaker of the SCS 2019!

Dr. Christophe Dessimoz is a SNSF Professor at the University of Lausanne; an Associate Professor at the University College London and Group Leader at the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics. He is being recognized as the 2019 winner of the Overton Prize, which is awarded annually for outstanding accomplishments of early to mid-career scientists who are emerging leaders in computational biology and bioinformatics.

Dr. Christophe’s research seeks to better understand evolutionary and functional relationships among genes across many species. For this end, his team’s activities are divided between bioinformatics methods and resource development, and their application – typically with experimentalists. Dr. Christophe is renowned for his contributions and management of the OMA, a very highly regarded resource with important applications in protein function prediction. Besides that, his team also developed the tree viewer and the ALF genome evolution simulator.